Editorial: Pope Benedict’s charisma masks his church’s inability to adapt

I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight an editorial published by Haaretz, which is an Israeli newspaper of record. Anshel Pfeffer recently wrote an article that beautifully illustrates why Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has not inspired the same awe or respect in me as it has for other people around the world.

The last paragraph of the article is, I think, the best:

“The cardinals are well aware that there’s no chance in the present generation to solve all the theological problems that the Church faces, and that it will take years until the reverberations of the sexual and financial scandals die down. They chose Bergoglio this time not because he is a revolutionary – they don’t want a pope like that. They crowned him to serve as their flak jacket; as Francis, the user-friendly face of a church that is still unable to adapt itself to modern times.”

Click here to read the full editorial.


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