Open-source software for disaster response and volunteer technical communities

VTC IAEM Presentation

Live Twitter feed at a presentation about Volunteer Technical Communities at the IAEM-USA 2011 annual conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One of my favorite presentations at the IAEM-USA 2011 annual conference in Las Vegas last month was one titled, “Volunteer Technical Communities—The New Volunteers. What is CrisisCommons and Why Should you Care?”  Just prior to the conference, I posted about the potential of the open-source software community to play a role in emergency management (see this post) as it pertains to modeling risk with geographic information systems.  As it turns out, I wasn’t aware of the fact that open-source solutions already exist and have been deployed in disasters before.  Though I haven’t had the time to investigate these programs or the communities that develop them, I’m excited to share this information with others.  From what I heard at the presentation, these tools and communities seem promising.  So let me link-spam you with a few links:

These are just a few interesting links I thought I should share with those of you who study or work in emergency management, homeland security, etc.  If any of you have used or, perhaps, even participated in the development of these tools, please comment below and share your experience and knowledge with me.

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